Crypt Hammer

by Crypt Hammer

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The dogs of moloch have stormed the streets of Babylon Club and Sabre torch and hunger In desperate anger they’ve sacked the temple of Solomon and stolen its lesser keys In ignorance their leaders have captured the children of El Defiled the daughters of the divine feminine They claim the old gods must reign once more seeds of tradition flourish in scorched earth They’re claims find support Where the food carts are empty The wells run dry as the rich pile gold to the sky and the ancient walls fall upon the people Unable to wield the power of Goatia A flawed circle’s drawn A million souls sacrificed Pazuzu flies forth with famine breath and rotting genitals He demands one million more He demands the holocaust of war Every child sacrificed Everybody under the knife Mesopotamia has fallen
Coffin Bong 02:16
Among the corpses where I belong Just me and the coffin bong So here’s a toke to glorious death Ripped shit on rotted flesh There’s no better high than what has died Alive in my mind but dead on the inside I grow the sweetest dro just by the grave of the old widow And where the lamb lays upon the stone From a young body a crimson bud grows With shovel and spade grind into the grave Drill the carb Light the casket Euphoria awaits
Tomb Stalker 02:24
Contusion, confusion Crimson sight drowns all light Edge of the knife ends the illusion Your life was but a shadow Flung open the gates of rot Catacomb city beckons from under the earth Fear born anew in the heart of madness A single step into the labyrinth tomb stalker awakens Bring forth the pestilence Frozen breath Every footstep brings death lichen fingers reach out in darkness Gone now the hope of youth Creeping shadows We surround you All that have come before The ones you knew are here in the tomb Thrash (writhe) Flail (writhe) Struggle (writhe) Stalker of the tomb Thrash (writhe) Flail (writhe) Struggle (writhe) Bound to the knife
Iron Hoof 03:37
Have I strayed too far from God’s light Thirsting below the echo of fetid vulture wings They black out the sky As day is swallowed by howling night Magma belly Lungs spit the taste of pennies Mouth struggles to form the words “You are forgiven” Only vomit parts my lips now Plenty to puke upon the palms of Charon His Black sails cut through shifting sands as light fades on the horizon my mind knows no other hell than the serenade of falling shells For love of god! For glory of conquest! I have prayed and I have lain my sins bare o’savior I wish but for a gentle stream To live and love in peace I feel the elder quake of armored tombs churning fire from below A whisper turns to a booming bellow “All shall fall to the immortal law Our fortress has stood the test of time History flows through life and death all at our behest Even you o’ mighty nations Every king, soldier, surf All but dust trampled under the march of the Iron hoof”


released April 20, 2019

Crypt Hammer is:

Ian Nix - Vocals
Hayden Coleman - Guitars
Cody Davidson - Drums, Bass, Guitars

All music written/performed by Crypt Hammer.
Produced by Cody Davidson.
Mixed by Cody Davidson.
Drums recorded by Shaun O’Shaughnessy @ Encore Studios in Dayton, Ohio.
Vocals recorded by Derick Caperton @ DSC Recordings.
Guitar tracking by Cody Davidson @ Fix My Face Records.
Album Cover by Lucas Korte.
Cassette Layout by Hayden Coleman.


all rights reserved



Crypt Hammer

Old school Death from the states.

Ian Nix
Hayden Coleman
Cody Davidson

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